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Reflections WIP196 viewsNow working on the colouring.12/18/07 at 02:10ED_Admin: Terrific, Nikkie! -Kiki
Cry Little Sister375 viewsCry Little Sister...

Cry, little sister - Thou shall not fall
Come to your brother - Thou shall not die
Unchain me, sister - Thou shall not fear
Love is with your brother - Thou shall not kill

Artist: Gerard McMann

BTW: I own nadathing.
12/18/07 at 02:09ED_Admin: Awesome, Onna! Loves it. <33 -Kiki
Tensaiga's Gift393 viewsThe Sword of Life began to pulse as the first teardrop fell to the bloodied earth. Should he save her? he wondered.09/19/07 at 02:13ED_Admin: Really lovely piece. I love the way Yash is h...
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