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Inuyasha Emmanuel370 viewsInuyasha Emmanuel from the story "Hikari" written by InuGrrrl.
02/22/08 at 02:43Onyxlight: Your style of art is WOW and the coloring ...
Bankotsu Gershom293 viewsHere's another Hikari character! His name is Bankotsu Gershom( means exile) and he's the leader of Naraku's elite team!

Hikari written by InuGrrrl.
02/22/08 at 02:42Onyxlight: WOW This is beyond superb!!
Smexxy348 viewsWell, wasnt really sure on what else to name this, seeing as it was at KiKis request I do this, she shoulda had the honors... so Ill leave it to her to rename to what she likes.

I remember seeing one like ths a while ago, so just tried reproducing it. Not too shabby for my FUBAR brain, lol.
02/21/08 at 17:51GrammyInuLvr: Awesome piece and very appropriately named IMO. ;...
Some_Good_Butter_WIP2 Collab348 viewsCollabing time, lol. Is that a word, lol.

Line art is NOT mine, it was drawn by the ever talented, InuHanyou. I just added a touch of color to him is all, lol.

Beautiful line art, Nikki.... WOOF!
02/21/08 at 17:48GrammyInuLvr: Yummmmmmm. I'd like to spread some a dat on m...
Left To Mourn284 viewsShe sat by the weathered stone, praying for her love to return...01/10/08 at 20:58GrammyInuLvr: Nice piece. Heartwrenching.
Promise234 viewsHe whispered to her softly as her tears slid down her muddied cheeks. "I promise..."01/10/08 at 20:57GrammyInuLvr: I really like this one as well. Very sweet!
Tensaiga's Gift395 viewsThe Sword of Life began to pulse as the first teardrop fell to the bloodied earth. Should he save her? he wondered.01/10/08 at 20:57GrammyInuLvr: I have to agree. Out of all of the works, I felt ...
Reflections WIP197 viewsNow working on the colouring.01/02/08 at 23:26vampire liaison: is he in water
Tribute to Rumiko239 viewsDid this to honour the woman who gave us InuYasha!01/02/08 at 23:24vampire liaison: this is the most in-character pic i have seen i ye...
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