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Don't Cry Sango289 viewsPiccie and Poem both created each other.

Don’t Cry Sango
By Inu Hanyou Nikkie

Don’t Cry Sango
Be strong where I am weak.

Don’t let the sunlight dim from your eyes
Let not dark clouds shadow your face.

Smile for me even when I am gone
Never doubt my love for you.

Hold me tight in your embrace
Kiss me with the waters of passion
Love me like no other
Move with me in the eternal dance
Heal me with your touches
Break me with a look
Destroy me with a word
But never give up on me.

Do not cry Sango
As the evening awakes
And the sun of our time sets.
Think only of the days
That we shared
The smiles we passed
The tenderness not seen
Even by the closest friends

Remember me as I am now
Not who I will be in the future.
Forget the man of the past
The reality in here and now

No uncertainties
No fears
No insecurities

I Fight for you
I Cherish you
I Live for you
I love only you
I bleed for you

. . . and I die for you.
07/11/10 at 18:30kagome313: Hi!! This is really beautiful and i LOVE the poem!...
He's My Girl, Kagome Braid's Shaya's Hair by Ai Kisugi212 viewsDrawn for 'He's My Girl' Chapter 9, that I am co-authoring with Karaumea. It's a sexy comedy based loosely on the Inuyasha characters created by Rumiko Takahashi and the '12th Night or What You Will' by Shakespeare. The scene pictured is from the pajama party. Inuyasha is stuck with a spell-binding bracelet that makes him look like a girl and of course, like all romantic comedies he gets his crush, Kagome, as a roommate.06/09/10 at 00:40Inu Hanyou Nikkie: Love the trademark sulking pout on InuYasha!
Love in an Elevator136 viewsWanted to be more risque with a kiss and show a passionate couple in love.

Again I tried with perspectives... and it looks like my abilities to do perspectives is really off!

I went for making Kagome look more Japanese in her face as well as adding some plumpness to her body.... so she'd be more of an every day woman instead of a model figure.
05/24/10 at 07:20RipVanWinkle: hot. but i love it!
Human Inuyasha - AU223 viewsThe meaning of "Yum"?04/11/10 at 03:50DemonQueen17: Another sexy human Inu pic.
Human Inuyasha277 viewsHuman Inuyasha, always wanted to draw him this way but it was waiting for the right time. I think even though he turns human he still keeps those eyes, like in the manga. I love his eyes, and dark hair!! I'm planning for another one...
Inuyasha belongs to Takahashi Rumiko.
04/11/10 at 03:47DemonQueen17: I like this. Inuyasha looks good as both a hanyou ...
IY - Dirty Dancing165 viewsDone for the Best AU Artwork banner for the Feudal Association. Done in Markers.04/03/10 at 03:55Angel: Love it!!!!
Kouga Eran279 viewsKouga Eran a character from the story Hikari written by InuGrrrl.03/23/10 at 11:10ShouraiChan: I just had a heartattack. And then a nosebleed. &l...
Aye, Captain220 viewsInuyasha and Kagome crossed over in Star Trek TOS gear. Done for the Best AU Artwork at Feudal Association.

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha nor do I make profit from it.

Media: Markers
12/14/09 at 02:44Guest_Anon: Love it!
Miroku and Sango - Colored 160 views'ClubInuyasha' over at dA was having a coloring contest and I figured, why not? So this is one of two (you were allowed two) of mine that I colored for the contest.

In this I wanted to show more detail and color to the characters, that's why there isn't a background. Hope I achieved that.

Awesome line-art was volunteered by 'Artistmeli'. Original line-art can be found here >>>

Miroku/Sango -RT
Line-Art -Artistmeli
Color - Me ^.~
10/07/09 at 18:18Selina MacCloveror: Wow - Miroku's robes really pop. Awesome work...
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