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What The Wind Blew In That Monday Morning...150 viewsFrom the First Chapter ("What The Wind Blew In That Monday Morning") of "Hell Hath No Fury", this is the very first fight in between InuYasha and Kagome, shortly after she arrives. Kagome, ready to challenge InuYasha to a fight, has to go through Miroku first, as he's the second strongest fighter in the school. Kagome makes short work of him before going after InuYasha, with a strength he never knew she had.

The end result is obvious, but he didn't escape unharmed.
The Great Dragon vs The Great Dog Demon192 viewsI LOVE this picture. SOOOO much (I'd like to personally thank Baby-Boi who did all of the commissions for my story "Hell Hath No Fury").

This takes place during Chapters 4 ("Rival!"), and into Chapter 5 ("A Girl And Her Dragon"), shortly after Kagome arrives at Mizuryu High School and she (unintentionally) releases the ultimate source of her power, the Dragon sleeping inside of her soul. InuYasha counters by using HIS demon to subdue her.
Reunited At Last121 viewsThis is the scene from chapter 26 of my fanfic, "Hell Hath No Fury". For those familiar with it, InuYasha and Kagome are at rival schools (hence, Kagome's uniform), and they'd been separated for a little over two months. InuYasha and Kagome agreed to see each other (InuYasha was reluctant in his anger), but when they saw each other, they realized how much they needed to be together.
The Four Devas of Mizuryu High School105 viewsFor those of you who remember, it's mentioned in Chapter 2 ("Driven By Fate...Or Her Own Feelings?") of Hell Hath No Fury, Shippou had a picture of the Four Devas of Northern Mizuryu High School (InuYasha, Sango, Miroku, and Shippou himself) on the day they kicked the old big for out of power (literally).

This is the picture that is framed upon Shippou's desk that he treasures like no other.

PS: (Isn't Shippou sexy! X3)
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