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Standing Together94 viewsThis was to celebrate my 10.000 view on DA, and is now my DA ID. Thought it came out good in Manga Studio so I’ll show it off here. Enjoy!

(Lame title I know.)

(c) Rumiko Takahashi
(c) InuYashaReader
An Enduring Love by InuYashaReader119 viewsJust a drawing I edited in photoshop! ^-^ Hope you guys enjoy! :)
Do not Disturb72 views100 Theme Challenge.

I think that is the best hand I've ever drawn. And no I didn't trace my hand, I was tempted too, but that hand is much larger than mine. My hand can't cover an entire sketchbook page.

Do not disturb a couple, not wise. No camera's please! ;)

(c) Rumiko Takahashi
(c) InuYashaReader
Daiyokaui InuYasha Profile102 viewsThis is a profile of my armored InuYasha. I really didn't have a good full-view reference of him. His face is a tad bit off to me, but otherwise, I thought it came out proportionally. If you wish to draw my version of InuYasha, don't be afraid to ask. I will mostly likely say yes. This is also for artists that I might commission in the future (when I get a bit more money available), for them to use as a reference.

Otherwise, enjoy it!

(c) Rumiko Takahashi
(c) InuYashaReader
Chibi Love in MS67 viewsWell, after only one time, I think I've gotten much better at Manga Studio. Though I forgot to name my tone layers, so I got a little lost more then once.

If you can't tell, there is a small chibi of Kagome down there. I think she's blending in a bit.

I really need a tablet.... Oh well. Enjoy it! :D

(c) Rumiko Takahashi
(c) InuYashaReader
Magic68 views100 Theme Challenge.

InuYasha, as I say, gets a lot of strange powers in my fiction. I was stuck on what theme I should have done, and then this popped into my mind. Besides I need to work on how Kagome's kimono looks, and the jewelry in her hair.

Hope you like! :D
92. All That I Have119 views100 Theme Challenge: #92 out of 100: ALL THAT I HAVE

I did make the background completely out of brushes again, however I'm going to start drawing my own backgrounds to see which looks better to my eye and to yours. InuYasha and Kagome as they appear in my 'Eyes to Life' fan-fiction.

All brushes used can be found here:

(c) Rumiko Takahashi
(c) InuYashaReader
Boy and Angel104 viewsThis is for ED 's contest, so yea. I think I took the prompt a bit to literally. The prompt was a song lyric, and I just pictured Kagome with wings and InuYasha on a star. Poetry was my weakest point in high school, and I think it still is.

Enjoy! :D

(c) Rumiko Takahashi
(c) InuYashaReader
AT: An Autumn Kiss100 viewsThis is my part of an art-trade with HitokiriSakura2012. She asked for InuYasha and Kagome in general and I came up with a fall background and a kiss.

All Brushes used can be found here:

(c) Rumiko Takahashi
(c) InuYashaReader

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