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Tribute to IY chap 558351 viewsArt challenge. This picture is referenced to another of RT's works, though it does look a little different (I can never draw things exactly to the reference).
I decided to draw this as a tribute to the ending of the Inuyasha manga. It's been a fun ride throughout the whole series. I wish it didn't finish that abruptly though.
130 viewsFor FAs Best Inu/Kago Romance Fiction award.
Time for Sleep771 viewsA grown up version of Inuyasha with the floppy ear. :) I think when he's in Kagome's time, he tends to be more at ease with things.
I wonder what would happen if she saw this as she walked into her room?
Inuyasha and Buyo belong to Takahashi Rumiko
Snowy Days88 viewsA little gift for Doggieearlover :D
Happy Ending53 viewsMore of an experiment to make the hair more detailed. Pretty good for the first try.
In His Eyes - art290 viewsI probably drew this wrong but the image in my mind came up with this, though I was thinking of having his arm on her shoulders. Don't know what happened...
I also wanted to draw the one where they were being attacked by the bear. Maybe later.
For inugrrrl's story of the same name. May you keep writing such wonderful stories.
Tweak, Tweak, Tweak157 viewsInuyasha and Kagome just being silly.
Gift for InuHanyou173 viewsFor winning the "Inuyasha Cliche Contest"

This is based on her Valentine Drabbles no #6.
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