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Love in an Elevator136 viewsWanted to be more risque with a kiss and show a passionate couple in love.

Again I tried with perspectives... and it looks like my abilities to do perspectives is really off!

I went for making Kagome look more Japanese in her face as well as adding some plumpness to her body.... so she'd be more of an every day woman instead of a model figure.
Miroku252 viewsI was asked to do a piccie of Miroku so here it is.. why did I put him into construction? because as construction workers as 'always' depicted as being harrassers of women Miroku fits this to a T.
Commission - Doctor Who-InuYasha - Destiny and Fate in Time78 viewsCommissioned by InuGrrrl by Artist Rootslove from DeviantART and given to me as a Birthday present based on my Doctor Who/IY fic Destiny and Fate in Time
On Top of the World251 viewsWIP -human Inuyasha and Kagome sharing a kiss on a Ferris wheel ride.
On Top of the World WIP276 viewsfrom Chapter four of Doggieearlover's story She's Like the Wind/Power of Love. Where Kagome kisses InuYasha while in a ferris wheel when it stops at the top.
The Slayer, Biker Babe Sango205 viewsSo here is a new take on Sango. I made her into a Biker Babe called The Slayer. Poor playboy-preppie/yuppie Miroku.. He has been so spoon-fed and given everything he wanted or just wanted in order to show up his rivals/friends that he doesn't know what to do with a very strong independant woman like The Slayer.
Some Good Butter at School212 viewsWIP - part of my Some Good Butter series.. will eventually end up very naughty. Having problems with his hands... and also my first attempt at a background from a program.
Some Good Butter V2 WIP165 viewsYah... It is becoming a series. and I think I need to move the line where I was planning on putting a tattoo up more...

Eventually he'll be nakkie - sighs... I will also be doing this in all his forms. Full Human and then Full Youkai.
Some Good Butter V3 WIP183 viewsYah... here is another in the series/version of my orginal sketch... He asked me to draw him topless and with his tongue licking his lips. Plus he wanted to point out he has a Treasure Trail.
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