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Inu-Man305 viewsA very bad Crack!Pic of Inuyasha as He-Man. And yes Inuyasha is snarling at me... groans..
InuYasha, Highlander Hanyou283 viewsAnother piccie I had started for Ravyn and her story Highlander Hanyou which she had removed. I found it and did some more shading to it.
InuYasha's Doll131 viewsArt by Kriscyncial Commissioned by Inu Hanyou Nikkie

I had commissioned the artist Kriscynical from DA to create Spoilers for my fic InuYasha's Doll found in my Chicken Soup for the Inu/Kag Lovers' Soul series. It's when InuYasha gives Kagome the doll he made of himself to combat her ever increasing nightmares for when he is not around/available to stop them from happening.
I Want You to Need Me444 viewsAnother sketch inspired by Selina's Of Strings and Kevlar. <a href="">Of Strings and Kevlar</a>

It's a wickedly good story!
Kagome is MINE!! WIP273 viewsThe colouring of the sketch.
Kagome is MINE!!!353 viewsThe completed sketch. I had asked DEL what she would like to see coloured in this sketch. She had requested only Kouga and InuYasha be coloured in. I wish I knew what I did to make InuYasha's hamaka look like satin and Kouga'r fur look like fur
Kagome is MINE! WIP227 viewsThis is also from DEL story Live and Let Die: Awakenings. Kouga -that stupid wolf- went and tried to take Kagome away from InuYasha after they had mated. InuYasha went full Youkai to get his point across.
Kagome the Taijiya313 viewsJust something that I came up with if Kagome was trained and given her own demon slayer's outfit.

I bet InuYasha would enjoy seeing his Kagome in this outfit!
Keh! Romance Novels WIP311 viewsThe evils of Romance Novel covers has gripped InuYasha. He isn't too thrilled to be posing for one - at least Kagome can occupy his mind...
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