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Cooling Off87 viewsDisclaimer: I do not own nor make any monies off of Inuyasha and the gang. No, that pleasure completely belongs to the Goddess Rumiko Takahashi, Shounen Sunday, VIZ. I am only using them for pure entertainment value only Reference photo came from photostock.

My entry for DeviantART's InuYasha New Moon Group contest Water.Not one of my okay works.. but it's decent. I still can't do fingers and hands!! *CRIES* And trying to depict water without using any special brushes or tricks is hard! *cries more*

Bit behind the sketch. I was thinking of InuYasha and how being shunned by both demons and humans would know pretty much all the best hot springs, waterfalls, pools, lakes and rivers to go and get water or clean off.

Then I was thinking what would InuYasha do during those really hot summer nights where sleep is impossible from the heat and humidity. So I think he would go to one of his secret spots to cool his body off during one of those really bad nights.

He just finished swimming under the water and just plain old soaking in the much cooler waters when he hears a noise upon getting out fast he notices his hakamas have dropped from the weight of water in them so InuYasha goes to pull them up when what makes the noise appears.... a doe in search of cooling off herself from the heat.

PS... I think I see some things that need to be fixed up.
Don't Cry Sango289 viewsPiccie and Poem both created each other.

Don’t Cry Sango
By Inu Hanyou Nikkie

Don’t Cry Sango
Be strong where I am weak.

Don’t let the sunlight dim from your eyes
Let not dark clouds shadow your face.

Smile for me even when I am gone
Never doubt my love for you.

Hold me tight in your embrace
Kiss me with the waters of passion
Love me like no other
Move with me in the eternal dance
Heal me with your touches
Break me with a look
Destroy me with a word
But never give up on me.

Do not cry Sango
As the evening awakes
And the sun of our time sets.
Think only of the days
That we shared
The smiles we passed
The tenderness not seen
Even by the closest friends

Remember me as I am now
Not who I will be in the future.
Forget the man of the past
The reality in here and now

No uncertainties
No fears
No insecurities

I Fight for you
I Cherish you
I Live for you
I love only you
I bleed for you

. . . and I die for you.
Embodiment of Eternal Love WIP153 viewsIt's InuYasha's and Kagome's pup along with Mother Kagome. Set in the Canon world. I adore their daughter's floppy, too-big ears. And I think I got that Mother's Glow in Kagome. They are heading off for bathtime. I also wanted her to have their long lock of from their bangs as genetic trait.
Contest Entry: Let Forever Begin810 viewsTitle: Let Forever Begin
Artist: Inu Hanyou Nikkie
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Nudity, Nothing important showing
Disclaimer: I do not own nor make any monies off Inuyasha and the gang. No, that pleasure and honour completely belongs to the Goddess Rumiko Takahashi. I am only using them for pure entertainment value.

Shikon is huge but needed to be. The circle of the Jewel which brought them together and the Circle that made them complete. Finally they are continuing their Circle with pups. (my 3 OCs)
Embodiment of Eternal Love180 viewsThe finished piece. My OC has a name now. Her name is Chiyo-Ai which means Eternal and Love in Japanese. Also wrote a story that was inspired by my Art.

Still struggling on the fingers, toes, noes and lips.... but I am improving elsewhere.

Kagome copyrighted Rumiko Takahashi
Chiyo-Ai copyrighted Inu Hanyou Nikkie
A Family Walk215 viewsThis first was begun in September 2006 for a friend who is slowly writing a wonderful story. Which I highly recommend as a read!! Since then I had a nasty block with it . I finally was inspired to finish it. The little boy is HER OC InuTaro. She is the Complete Owner of InuTaro, I just grew what I thought he may look like.

This was my first attempt at doing a child and I am glad he turned out a little better than originally drafted in which I thought I drew an Area 51 Alien.
Flight of the Bumblebee 199 viewsGiftArt! For Selina and her Awesome story Of Strings and Kevlar that inspired me so!
Flight of the Bumblebee - Improved253 viewsImproved version done through Photoshop Elements 6. Got Kagome's hair to look like a pelt in softness. Enhanced their expressions, highlighted and deepened the shading. Gave them more impact/presence.

Gift!Art for Selina for her Awesome story Of Strings and Kevlar!
Forbidden Love WIP349 viewsFor my Goddess' story Knife of Romance. I hope they are as angsty as she writes them! I love Kagome's expression. I still fussing with their hair and his clothing.
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