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The Snowman Incident232 viewsArt by Kriscyncial - Commissioned by Inu Hanyou Nikkie

This is a scene I had commissioned from the artist at DA known as Kriscyncial from my story The Snowman Incident. It's the moment where they finally confess their feelings for each other against the beautiful display of a colourful fountain in winter time.

The story can be found in my Chicken Soup for the Inu/Kag Lovers' Soul
A Sweet Kiss253 viewsWIP. I did colour this one by computer but not by hand yet.
A Tender Kiss Crop216 viewsthis is the cropped version of my piccie A Tender Kiss. Full version can be found in the Adult Gallery.
Birthday Gift Pic for FarAwayEyes229 viewsThis is a Birthday piccie I did for farawayeyes. I will be redoing this one. I want to make it so much more prefect for her. Here Sesshoumaru gives his beloved mate/wife a sweet little kiss. Her earrings are of a crescent moon. His gift to her.
Behind the Wheel336 viewsWIP of Sesshoumaru Rin in the Modern time. I'm struggling with his eyes and I adore the Pixie look on Rin's face. He is indulgent of Rin and only of her.
Brothers255 viewsBoth Inu Youkais looking yummy. found a nice reference of twins to use!
Come to my Wild Side272 viewsInuyasha wearing only a fundoushi is playing with Kagome. WIP
Tastes of Summer174 viewsArt by Baby-boi Commissioned by Inu Hanyou Nikkie.

I had commissioned the artist Baby-boi over at DA for this. It's a triad collection of scenes from my Tastes of Summer fic in which InuYasha first meets Donald Duck and they engage in a swearing match to later when Kagome gets her revenge on her boyfriend for his 'colourful' language in front of the kids.
Destiny and Fate in Time145 viewsArt by Baby-boi Commissioned by Inu Hanyou Nikkie

I commissioned the artist Baby-boi over at DA to create art for my Doctor Who/InuYasha fic Destiny and Fate in Time that I had written for my Sake list for the Sanno Matsuri challenge at ED Ficlets on LJ.

It is the three sides to the Doctor InuYasha: normal he looks human, OnComing Storm he is hanyou, and when he goes full demon he is getting vengence.
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