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For Musume35 viewsPiece I did for my wonderful Musume for Christmas. I wanted to redo a few things but with current set up haven't been able to.
GFE339 viewsHigurashi Kagome, business woman extroidenair, needed nothing in her life, or so she thought, for what she found one day would forever change her life.

Made for the ever talented, InuGrrrl, for her compelling story, GFE.
Touch336 viewsTouch...
A look, a breath...
to feel oneself through the Touch of another...
to feel another through the Touch of oneself...
two souls, two heartbeats, together... They Touch.

I own nadathing! ;)
CLS158 viewsNot sure why but am really liking how this came out. ;)
The Outing193 viewsShe lost something dear to her and is desperately trying to get it back. But he just may be the cause.

Fragile lives and loves hang in the balance: what will become of them all?

Made for the ever talented, InuGrrrl, for her provocative story, Money, Power, Respect.

And of course I don't InuYasha or his pack... RT do. SO no suing, am broke anyways. ;)
M.P.R.231 viewsComing to America, InuYasha never thought he'd find the love of his life, but he did. Just to have it jerked away from him one single act of violence. As his life hangs by a thread, can anyone help him through it all?

Made for the ever talented, Inugrrrl, for her wonderful story: Money, Power, Respect.
Leather Clad Yash W.I.P.203 viewsOh yea, nothing like leather clad InuYasha... *slurp!*

Been trying a few different things with him. He likes to play. :D
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