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Username kagome313
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Joined Jul 10, 2010
Where do you hail? Caribbean
Tell us what you're into! Anime, manga, vampires, boys, horror movies, asian dramas, INUYASHA
Have a site? Do share!
Now tell us what makes you awesome... I'm an 18yr old friendly and easy girl to talk to - i do tend to get shy at times but once am comfortable around someone is all good =] Um... I sometimes tend to get pervy, i can make the most innocent sounding phrase into something perverted lol. I'm VERY sarcastic which in turn can annoy people (especially if that's my goal).

I do have a temper, and I'm a bit competitive... I hate failing or having the feeling of failure.. it grinds me wrong. I'm determind and always stay true to myself. I don't let what people say bring me down 'cuz i could very well give as well as one would get.

My bday is the 12th of June btw =]... I'm a hardcore Gemini!! lol. I love all kinna music as well - right down to dancehall since am a Caribbean chic who also enjoy asian music =P
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07/15/10 at 07:16now that pink is jus tauntin me lol... i love it!! beong noticed for ur hard work is a wonderful feeling

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