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Where do you hail? Mississippi!!!
Tell us what you're into! Green Day,Inuyasha,Doctor Who, and Nancy Drew
So how do you make your yen? Ahh!!!No job!!! ;[
Now tell us what makes you awesome... My crazy,insane,sarcastic self is what makes me awesomeness!I'm happily in a relationship with an awesome guy.He loves me and it makes me sad cause he is in another county. :'[ I've got some awesome friends who are just as {or maybe even more} wacky as me. I've got an awesome cat named Sam.She is the beat cat EVER!!!I love her sooo much!!!She's awesomeness!!!
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11/23/10 at 18:56Love it!!! It combines two of my fav things: Harry Potter and Inuyasha!!! LOVE IT!!! MORE! jk its Awesomeness! 5 stars!!

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