The fictions below cannot be nominated again for any term.


A Doctor's Touch - hanyou_swimmer
A Virgin's Experiment -Sweetkijo
Afternoon Delight -Fyrloche
Am I Beautiful? by MomoDesu
Angels Aren't Always Heaven Sent -Doggieearlover
Another Second - SunSet Miko
Attack of the Chicken Youkai -Doggieearlover
Be Not Afraid by Ayamegusa
Chapter 486.5: Fangrlz Revenge -Alterfano
Come Undone -Doggieearlover
Don't Talk With Your Mouth Full - King Baka
Each Pixel -Angel449
Elixir of Life, Potion of Lust by InuHanyouNikki
Erosion - JMaxwell
Every Sword Needs its Sheath Sometime by Bluezinthos
Finding Love -Inufan625
Fools in the Rain - King Baka
Good Morning by Kmoaton
Guilty by Design, a Tale... -Lucient
Her Heart-Shaped Locket -Keiko-chan
House Call by Knittingknots
How to Write a Sess/Kag Fic -Drake Clawfang
I Am the Demon -JediK1
The Inuyasha Support Group - Ai Kisugi, Eggry, Hedaincree, Karaumea
InuYasha's Night Before Christmas -Inuyashaloverr
Iris -Patchcat
It Was Written In The Tree - doggieearlover
Kagome Gets Pregnant -Ayamegusa
Kagome's Great Escape -InuHanyouNikkie
Kagome's Type by Browneyedmami
Me. Inside. You. by Bluezinthos
Memory - InitialA
No Future For You - Dangersque
Old Ghosts - Patchcat
One Last Time - Drake Clawfang
Paradox -Drake Clawfang
Perfect -Drake Clawfang
Rejoined, Relief - Selina MacCloveror
Sake - Bluezinthos
Seven - GrammyInuLvr
Shallow: The Dark Descent -Concealed Rose
Shell-Shocked by Selina MacCloveror
Situational Unawareness - Selina MacCloveror
Staking A Claim - KeiChanz
Tainted Flesh by Bluezinthos
Tangible - Selina MacCloveror
Tastes of Summer - InuhanyouNikkie
Teacher! Teacher! - InuhanyouNikkie
The Best Gift -Inuyashaloverr
Two Inus Are Better Than One - Drake Clawfang
When Rin Plays Cupid: Rin -Ayamegusa
When She Comes Back - Karaumea The Wild Hunt by Silverlune


An Oswari Too Far -Fyrloche
Bachigaaratu by PseudoHanyou
The Bond of Blood by Inu Hanyou Nikkie
Breaking the Habit - Enjoydasilence8
By Time -Wannabe
Embodiment of Eternal Love - InuHanyouNikkie
Goodbye, Farewell -InuAddict
Homework Hiatus - bluezinthos
Leaping, Piping, Ladies -Inuyashaloverr
Paper Ribbon -KnittingKnots
The Perfect Life - Enjoydasilence8
Reflections - MadMistress65
Shiver Woman, Shiver -KnittingKnots
Sword Envy by King Baka
Unacceptable: Haunting -JMaxwell
Unknot Your Obi by Knittingknots
Where There's a Will - Enjoydasilence8
You Belong to Me - Kmoaton

Fairy Tales

Abbatoir In Three Parts - Inufan625
Bliss - MidnightWhispers
Change of Plans - Selina MacCloveror
Cheating - Selina MacCloveror
EarthShake by SugarRos
Home For Kagome -Bookworm810
Memento Mori by LuxKen27
Take My Breath Away - Roxotaku
The Seventh Key -Drake Clawfang
The Woman I Call My Wife -Axel720


A Grudging Loss - Ai Kisugi
A Matter Of Trust - InitialA
A Painful Situation Gets Complicated by DanaRose31382
Big League Affair by Selina MacCloveror
The Death Of A Child by DanaRose31382
Live and Let Die: Awakenings -Doggieearlover
Live and Let Die: Learning to Deal -Doggieearlover
Making Things Right - Inufan625
Paradox: The Power of Letting Go by Sayuriko
The Soul Within -Angel449
Welcome To My Life - hanyou_swimmer

At their own request, nominations for the following authors will no longer be accepted.

Selina MacCloveror