1) To nominate or vote for a story you MUST be a registered member of Eternal Destiny.

1a) Only fictions posted on Eternal Destiny are eligible for the Destined Awards. This means that no fictions or authors posted on any other site may be nominated for these awards.

1b) Members cannot nominate themselves in any category (nor can you nominate yourself with a different username. If you do, and you're caught, you will be disqualified and banned from all future nominations). Also, any attempts at "flooding the ballot box" during voting will bring the same consequences.

1c) You must be 17 years of age or older to nominate Provocative or Salacious fiction.

1d) Though they are allowed to nominate and vote, the owner and administrators of Eternal Destiny are NOT eligible for the Destined Awards. These conditions do not apply to ED moderators.

2) Each member is allowed to nominate ONE fiction per category.

3) Members can only nominate the same story in up to THREE categories. If the story you wanted to nominate has already been nominated by someone else in a category you must choose another.

3a) Fables (oneshots) and Myths (poems & drabbles) as well as completed Fairytales (12 chaps or less) and Legends (over 12 chaps) that win any award in any category are automatically ineligible for future nominations. Please refer to the permanently ineligible fiction list before you nominate.

4) When voting, choose carefully because you will NOT be able to go back and change it.

5) Nominations will be open for a total of three weeks. After that, voting will commence for an additional three weeks. Banners and acknowledgments will post within two weeks after the polls have closed and winners will have a limited time to retrieve them from the Destined Awards website.

6) Winners will be acknowledged as first, second, and third, but should there be a tie involving more than two fictions in any one place, a "run off" will commence.

The stories in question will be placed in a separate poll to take place AFTER official voting has closed and members will have the opportunity to vote and choose two winners. The stories with the least amount of votes will automatically be dropped from the running, again, leaving two winners. If there are more than two winners, the process will repeat.

6b) In the event that there are only two nominees in any given category, a poll will still be created and the fiction with the most votes will be given first place. If either nominee ends up with "0" votes, that fiction or author will NOT be given a second or third place award.

6c) If a category only has one nominee by the end of the nominations process, that nominee will automatically be awarded and no poll will be created.

7) As of the first term of 2009, any ongoing story that has won an award must be updated at least once in order to qualify for nomination during subsequent terms.

In other words, any incomplete multi-chapter fiction that wins an award cannot be nominated again for any term afterward UNLESS it has been updated at least one time since its last win.

In the spirit of true competition, we don't think it's very fair to allow a story that's not being updated to continually win awards while stories that are get ignored.