How come only authors with posted fiction can be nominated for awards?

The whole point of the Destined Awards is to celebrate our writers. It wouldn't make sense to award an author that isn't supporting the site by posting to it.

Why is this process going to take two whole months?

Well, there are three weeks each for nominating and voting. That will give most members ample time to participate. Then, we need at least two weeks to make the banners. When you think about it, that isn't a lot of time.

Um... Why do I have to post my age, ED username, and profile link? I mean, geez...

Identification purposes, of course! We need your age ONLY if you are nominating Provocative or Salacious fiction, and your ED username and profile link allows us to make sure you're a registered member and/or an author with posted fiction on the Eternal Destiny website. Trust us, it's a small inconvenience.

I nominated/voted, but I've changed my mind. Why can't I change my nomination/vote?

The method we're using for our polls and nominations simply doesn't allow do overs. So choose carefully when you nominate and vote.

Why are some people winning by default?

The only time someone will win by default is if there were no other nominees in the category. It wouldn't make sense to create a poll for them when there is no other competition, and dropping the category isn't an option.

My question wasn't answered. What should I do?

Easy. Just click on the "Mail Us" link to your left and send us your question. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.