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Launched on January 1st, 2007, Eternal Destiny is the first fan-fiction community archive of its kind to pay homage to the sole pairing of InuYasha & Kagome from the anime/manga, InuYasha.

Here, we cater to IK fans by restricting our selections so our members don't have to comb through hundreds of stories in hopes of avoiding unwanted alternate pairings. Our message is loud and clear.

InuYasha & Kagome. Period.

Eternal Destiny cordially invites authors of our favorite pairing to post their work amongst fellow enthusiasts. If you're an avid reader, kick back and let our talented writers entertain you. We accept all forms of prose from poetry and drabbles, to short stories and full-length novels. Our community also offers an annual "Hall of Fame" induction, The Eternal Legends, as well as a gallery of lovely artwork created by our members.

We hope you'll join us!



In an effort to bring attention to our authors and encourage feedback, each month we will be promoting a different fiction. If yours is chosen, you will grace the main page for an entire month, receive a special banner on your story's summary, and it will be known throughout the site that yours is a recommended read. Featured fictions are chosen randomly, so watch your account because your story may be next!

Dissident Hope by inufan625 Salacious
I am Kagome, direct descendent of both Kikyou and Midoriko, guardian of the jewel, and slayer of youkai. I didn’t ask for any of these things but they came to me just the same. I grew up hearing the tale of the tragic priestess Kikyou who gave her heart to a treacherous hanyou, groomed from birth...
Deliverance by inufan625 Salacious
Kagome’s eyes widened as she felt the pulse of his youki and of the magic in his words. This man who didn’t know a thing about her had just made a binding blood oath to die before letting harm to come to her. She didn’t know why he would do such a thing for her but for the first time...
The Fairest of All by Kinky-Hoe Salacious
AU. "You, Your Holiness, are fair, but I see lips as red as blood and hair as black as night," the voice repeated. "Kagome, with the seven mercenaries, is a thousand times fairer than you," the voice concluded. "Find me someone who doesn't fear the dark forest to hunt her down," Kikyo demanded. This...
The New Girl by JazaraRose Provocative
When Inuyasha meet the new girl, Kagome Higurashi, in first period geometey he knew he had to have her, but there's something off about her and by the time he figures it's too late.
Fire and Rain by chelseatygers Salacious
Kagome tries to adjust to her new life as best as she can. Will she embrace new possibilities, or will she give in to the desire to let her past become her present?
InuYasha and Kagome, Gone Forever? by widooow Provocative
InuYasha sees Kagome and Hojo do something he didn't want to see, he gets upset and takes it out on Kagome. He takes it too far and pushes Kagome to her limit. She leaves him with the jewel shards and returns home. TWO YEARS LATER, she returns and remembers why she left in the first place. Can InuYasha...
Strength by inufan625 Salacious
COMPLETE: When InuYasha arives in Kagome's room battered and broken, clutching the Shikon no Tama tightly in one hand, and the world outside seems to have gone mad, Kagome will find herself tested in ways she never imagined, and in the end will learn what true strength really is.
The One Night Stand. by Harmony Sunsinger, Erin Night Salacious
Kagome Higurashi "meets" Inuyasha Taisho the night of his bachelor party. Two months later, her eggo is preggo, and when she goes to meet the potential adoptees for her baby, it's Inuyasha and Kikyo Taisho! Better yet, her best friend Sango is falling into her own relationship with Inuyasha's...
Blackout by King Baka Salacious
A night of celebration yields life-altering consequences for Inuyasha and Kagome.  Can they weather the storm, or will the consequences of their actions prove too much to handle?
The Deadly Siren by JazaraRose Reserved
The legend of The Deadly Siren tells the story of a warrior born from the ashes of her decimated kingdom. Her duty is to bring peace to a world that knows only of chaos and destruction. Her beauty and power are unrivaled, and never has she failed to bring down an enemy. But when the world needs her...